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Comedian D.L. Hughley couldn’t wait until Friday to comment about Jason Collins‘ coming out, so he called the TJMS to give his interesting take on the “too tall to be gay” athlete’s big announcement.


TOM JOYNER :  DL Hughley.  DL!

 DL:  Hey, man.  How you doing, man?

TOM JOYNER :  Man, I’m good.

J. ANTHONY BROWN :  What up, D?

 DL:  Hey, what’s up J?  How you doing, Sybil?

SYBIL WILKES:  Hey, DL.  Happy Friday on Tuesday.

 DL:  Oh absolutely, sweetheart.  I just decided to come and get, try to get some a little early.

Jason Collins, of course, came out.  You know, I used to play golf with him.  And the first thing that came out, when he said he was gay, the first thing I thought is this dude is too tall to be gay.  Like one of them lines you have to be taller than to ride a ride at Six Flags.

TOM JOYNER :  Did you really play golf with him?

DL:  Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah.

TOM JOYNER :  Did you know?

 DL:  No, of course I didn’t know.  I wouldn’t have cared if that made a difference, he still goes left all the timeI should’ve known he was gay because he never hit the ball straight. 


 DL:  I didn’t know.  But let me tell you something.  It’s ironic that the first, of course, the first openly, it’s ironic that the first gay player isn’t even a starter.  Right?  So it’s ironic that the first gay player rides the pine.  It just writes itself. I am so glad and proud of him for coming out, man.  I’m just glad that he was on the team called the Wizards.  If he was on the Packers, the Browns, or Rams. They wouldn’t be able ot stop laughing at the press conference. The first openly gay player is a Packer.  What?!?

 What does this say about our society that you could be more famous for who you do than what you do.  Literally, President Obama has called him, Michelle Obama has, like he’s a hero.  Like, What, you’re a hero? Superman could beat a villain in a single bound, right.

 TOM JOYNER :  That’s a hero.

 DL:  Collins just loves dudes.  That’s not the same thing. 

TOM JOYNER :  That’s the same thing.

 DL:  I have no idea what his superpower is and I don’t know want to know.  But, let me just say this, and Chris Broussard came out and said I am as respectful of Jason Collins that he expressed himself as I am.  Chris Broussard is absolutely right.  You asked this man a question, he gave you a answer, you didn’t like the answer.  Only in our society are you vilified for telling people what you think even when they ask you.  Even when they ask you. 

 And the funny thing about people that rail on about homosexuality being a sin.  Homosexuality didn’t make God’s Top Seven Sins.  Top Seven Sins.  Gluttony and Greed did, and I ain’t never seen nobody try to ban second helpings, that ain’t gonna’ happen.  If they banned second helpings, they wouldn’t have a choir.  Some of the fattest people I know is at church.

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