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On Wednesday May 8 2013 it was 80 plus degrees outside and the sun was shinning bright and you would think the last thing I would want is a hot bowl of chili but I did. I remember a spot that my cousin told me about call The Chili Shak it’s a small spot on the Conner on Fondren and Braeswood. the menu has everything from Chili Cheese burgers, Chili fries, Frito pies ect

but I wanted to keep it simple because if the chili is not good how could the rest of the menu be. I was greeted by a nice gentlemen name Bernard who ask me if I had been there before when I told him no he said wait one minute let me give you a simple I thought to myself that’s a good sign but I also thought  hey I’m a pretty good Chile cooker myself how good can it be.  On the sample taste along I was sold it was meaty just the way I like it had a good thick rue and when the spices hit my mouth my tongue  say (How You Doing) the chili had the right amount of everything not to spicy.  

I still wanted to taste more so I order a medium size bowl top with rice ,onions , cheese and a side of cornbread I was running a little late for work so I took it to go.  When I got to work I couldn’t wait to sink my mouth into it because I wanted to make sure that the bowl I bought  was going to be just as good as the sample and believe you me it did not disappoint the onions added a kick and the cheese was like whip  cream on top of a Ice Cream Sunday. I can’t wait to go back and try the Chili Spaghetti Bowl and the Chili baked potato so when your in mood for some good chili check out The Chili  Shak and let me know what you think @