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Here are my top 5 BBQ spots in H Town (in no particular order) just know that you cant go wrong with any of these BBQ joints. Gatlins BBQ (713) 869-4227 3510 Ella Blvd Houston, TX 7701 MONDAY – FRIDAY 11AM – 3PM | 5PM – 9PM SATURDAY 11AM – 9PM OR SOLD OUT Triple […]

Majic 102.1 Robert Bassman Washington and Funky Larry Jones (far left and right) with the Burns Bar B Que family          

Check Out Robert “Bassman” Washington’s exclusive interview with Chef Darius Williams. Find about the new book the young chef is working on and some of his favorite recipes to make!

Check Out Robert “Bassman” Washington Restaurant Review here in Houston. Get a taste of some good ‘ole southern food. Want your Restaurant reviewed? Contact        

I was bless to grow up in the South Park area of Houston next door to a Jamaican family we were a very shearing  community even with food so I know how real Jamaican cuisine taste. We move from that area of Houston in the late 80’s and I thought I would never experience that […]

  It’s amazing how a restaurant  can be minutes from your house and you never try it, well that was the case in this restaurant review of RockFish Grill. One Sunday after church my wife and I had no clue what we wanted to eat you know that feeling when it seems like you have […]

I know when you see the title of this review you might say really but this is my opinion and I stand by it. I have been looking for a spot like this for a long time good fresh Chinese food, most place you can tell that the food is rush and have been ship […]

On family business   in Abbeville La and ran into a place of  little Cajun heaven its called Shucks!! I had the raw oyster on the half shell, fried alligator and something they called sassy shrimp. You may think what made the oysters so good I can tell you it was their own Shucks horse-radish […]

The wife and I was  on vacation last week and we didn’t do much we just relax and chill around the Houston area and hung at some friends house but the one thing I had plan to do is eat well!!! We decide to go and hang out in Galveston for a day, we went […]