“I honestly think that the things we turn to, like science, and thank God for science because God created science, but you know science tries to explain how but science can’t explain why. People want to know why? Why am I here, what’s my purpose, what are the life lessons? Sometimes, I just have to trust that God is a loving father but sometime he does things that I don’t understand. No preacher on the planet can give an explanation of why God allows certain paths to cross. Sometimes I have to trust his heart when I don’t understand what his hand is doing.

“I’m from Texas and we have a lot of people we knows that live in [Oklahoma and nearby] so we’re always up in that area. I just want to say I’m sorry. Our hearts hurt with you, man, and I dare not even try to pimp the moment trying to be all super deep. I’m a just weep with those people that weep.”

(Photo: Retna)

Kirk Franklin: “Sometimes People Need A Hug, Not A Scripture”  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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