Even when you try to eat healthy, you sometimes end up with things that aren’t actually as good for you as you might believe.

Between questionable labeling, varying reports over what’s good for you and what’s bad, getting a little help along the way is something just about everyone needs.

David Foreman, a retired pharmacist and author and radio host of “The Herbal Pharmacist,” says the devil is in the details when it comes to good nutrition.

“New research is constantly emerging about what we consume and whether or not it’s healthy for us,” Foreman said as he deconstructs a basic grocery list to suggest replacements for foods many people probably think are good for them.

Foreman said replacing the following items on a regular shopping list could make a significant difference in one’s health: beef; flatbreads and wraps; cranberry, orange and grape juices and soy milk.

Foerman said a recent study from the Cleveland Clinic revealed that some beef may carry TMAO, a hidden chemical that seeps into the blood stream and increases the risk of heart attack. He recommends eating red meat no more than a couple of times a week and to take a supplement called Sytrinol to reduce LDL, the bad kind of cholesterol.

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