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I know when you see the title of this review you might say really but this is my opinion and I stand by it. I have been looking for a spot like this for a long time good fresh Chinese food, most place you can tell that the food is rush and have been ship in frozen. I remember two places my family and I would eat at as a child Lee’s Den and Kathaway House you can tell that they took time to prepare their food just by the taste and presentation   along. The new place that I am telling you about (Nee HAO) if you judge it by It’s look you would judge wrong. I tasted  the house Lo mein , shrimp fried rice , fried chicken and fried gizzards starting with the Lo mein  it was chop full of chicken,beef and shrimp and  I love that the noodles was not greasy and the taste of the ginger and garlic came popping through. I try to stay away from fried foods but if you would have seen and smell those chicken and gizzards you wouldn’t have pass it up either they both had a light batter season just right and fried hard just the way I like it. If you really want to know if a Chinese restaurant is good or not   start with the fried rice. I like that the meat was plentiful , the rice didn’t taste like it had been cook and sitting up for hours and the fresh onion , green onions and bean sprouts finish off the taste just right but most of all you wont to believe the price you pay for this great food it is great for a family struggling in this economy  . Try Nee HAO  Chinese Restaurant 5797 North Belt @ Lee Rd and let me know what you think and email me if you have a restaurant you would like me to try