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CNN news anchor Don Lemmon responded to Russell Simmons‘ open letter and other critics response to his critique of black american culture on his “No Talking Points” segment. The anchor used his segment to offer five solutions to improve black culture after Fox news anchor Bill O’Reilly offered his own critique on black culture to which Don agreed.

Music mogul Russell Simmons responded to Mr. Lemmon’s critique with an open letter in which he defended black youth and culture that Don criticized such as sagging and pulling up your pants. Check out some of the quotes from Simmons open letter.

Young people sagging their pants today is no different than young people rockin’ afros, dashikis, or platform shoes in the 60′s and 70′s.

I can’t accept that you would single out black teenagers as the cause of their own demise because they don’t speak the King’s English or wear belts around their waistbands.

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Simmons responded like many and used social media to criticize Don’s comments. Don appeared on “The View” to defend his comments and after Simmons open letter he responded via his own segment. Check out some of the quotes and watch the full video below.

I’m glad you wrote the letter. I almost didn’t respond. Not because I think you completely missed the point, not because, like many of the other critics, I thought you were just using the occasion as a promotion for one of your businesses, your website, but I wasn’t going to address it because, quite honestly, it was hard to take you, and it, seriously after you called me derogatory names like ‘slave’ on Twitter.

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