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How far is too far when it comes to controlling your children? With the wide-range of content children can access via ever-growing technology i.e. cell phones, internet, television and social media sites it can be a danger zone  unbeknown to your child. How do you help to protect your children from being exposed to harmful or graphic things?

If you’ve ever seen the show on msnbc “To Catch A Predator”  you know the dangers of predators online and more specifically in chat rooms. The child will log on their computers and enter in chatrooms to chat online passing time, as a means of leisure.

Predators  are mindful of this and will often times engage the youth in the chat room and share very graphic pictures and vulgar language, and discussion topics, obviously not suitable to the child.

If the child is not mindful of ways to protect themselves they can easily become a victim of this manipulation. The manipulation can include pressure to share a gamut of  personal information including their whereabouts, their experience/inexperience of intimacy, and other very personal content.

Some quick facts via

1 out of 7 youths (10 to 17 years old) receive sexual solicitations online.

34% of them were exposed to explicit sexual material involuntarily.

Of those kids, only 27% told a parent or guardian.

Also, your children are exposed to dangers with their very own cell phones. Originally, you bought it as a means of safety that when they/you were away the child has a mode of communicating. But internet access on these smart phones phones allow predators  to track your child.

Also, the issue of “sexting” is prevalent amongst teens. Sharing explicit photos, and videos amongst their peers and discussing sexual acts and willingness to participate in such is very common. The participation in “sexting” include code lingo so just be mindful of that.

Parents please educate your children of what’s out there and ways to shield themselves from it. Education is the key not only in the classroom.

Protect your kids from the dangers of the mobile world, and world wide web and predators and peers who may not have their best interest at hand. There are parental controls on all if not most gadgets and if you have further questions on what settings are on the phone you can call your local service provider.

Have those discussions, don’t be afraid to bring up those “uncomfortable” talk topics with your kids. Remember children are impressionable and easily influenced. We don’t want the wrong influence to lead to the endangerment of your children.

School is just around the corner, don’t put off the talk.