In addition, anyone considering a cosmetic procedure should ask the surgeon a number of specific questions, including where the doctor was trained, whether any certification was earned, what are the risks and potential complications and how many patients have returned for corrections or adjustments. Ask to see before-and-after photos of patients who have had the procedure under consideration.

In a report on its website, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons noted that more people of color were undergoing plastic surgery and that more than 1 million black Americans had undergone a procedure in 2010 and made up 8 percent of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that year.

The most common major surgeries sought were nose reshaping, breast reduction and liposuction. The most requested minimally-invasive procedures were Botox, injectable fillers and chemical peels.

And patients are not, the site said, trying to erase their racial or ethnic image.

“The majority of patients want to maintain their ethnic identity,” the site said. “They do not want to lose important facial features that exhibit racial character. For instance, the typical Asian patient who has eyelid surgery desires a wider, fuller eye that is natural looking to the Asian face and maintains an almond shape. An African American patient interested in nose reshaping may want to reduce the size of their nose to achieve a harmonious balance with other facial features, but is not seeking a nose that is more European.”

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