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The  couple will remain child-free for now, but haven’t ruled out adoption, which has been a recurring theme in her standup act. It’s definitely an option and it’s something we’re thinking about down the line. But for me, I think a lot of couples rush through this process, they try IVF, it doesn’t work and then they rush and adopt. We’re just living with the fact that this is where we are right now. We don’t want to then jump into a whole ‘nother process that could be equally emotional.”

Tyler says that her main reason for telling her own personal story was to encourage other couples to ease up on themselves if they decide not to go forward with infertility treatment. Tyler found out that she has a problem with a fallopian tube that makes it difficult for sperm to reach an egg. Coupled with her age, it means it is that much more challenging for her to get pregnant naturally.

“It’s OK to say to yourself and your spouse and your families that we’re not going to put ourselves and our bodies and our emotions through that,” Tyler says. “We’re going to do something different. So many thousands of women stepped forward and said ‘Thank you for not making me feel bad because I didn’t want to put my body through that and not get pregnant anyway. That was why I stepped forward.”

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