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Dear Tom:

I am a fifty-five year-old single woman.   In June, I slipped and my only pair of eyeglasses fell to the floor and shattered.    My vision is extremely poor and the loss of my glasses has diminished every aspect of my life and has limited my freedom.

I am no longer able to drive which makes me dependent upon family members to take me to work and home.   Sometimes, if they are not available to be my transportation I take the bus, but I find it terrifying when I can’t see what is in front of me.  My lack of vision has also affected my ability to do my job well.  I work as a food demonstrator which involves cooking and passing out samples to customers.

Tom, a few months ago my company made changes and my work hours were cut from full-time to part-time.  This means I am now trying to survive on half of a paycheck.   I desperately need to job hunt for a full-time position before I become homeless.  however, I am stuck in vicious cycle because I can’t look for work if I can’t see and  of course now, I can’t afford to replace my expensive glasses.   Please, help me with a Christmas wish and give me the gift of sight with new bifocal lense glasses.

God bless you!

Sheila Hudson

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