Get Your House in Order! 5 Tips for Wealth Building

It’s a hard reality but many of us (Americans, Women, Men, Etc.) find ourselves living for the next check. Sometimes we “rob Peter to pay Paul” and sometimes, neither Peter nor Paul get paid at all!

Tough finances can make everything seem dark, but it’s a great thing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, or at least there are tips and people out there to guide us along the way. Money Management expert and Emmy award winning journalist for CNN Business News, Valerie Coleman Morris explains how you can start a financial plan now, to build wealth for yourself later:

“Get your own house in order first. Then assist others. According to Morris, a new study shows that 57% of African American households are controlled by women. And those women tend to support people outside of their household as well. “What African American women tend to do is assist everybody, then they go, ‘OK, now what do I need,’” says Morris.

With the Holidays fast approaching, its high time to take an inventory of finances. Click here for tips on how to get yourself on the right track. Click here for more


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