“It allows people to see how six women live very differently. Most of us are extremely successful. With the betrayal of black women now, behaving very badly on some shows, on our show, we fight with our words.” A few weaves being pulled doesn’t count, we figure.

“At the end of the day, what makes the show work is that we have a lot of different personalities, and that’s what’s entertaining. If we were homogenized and everyone was just the same, it wouldn’t be fun for the viewers. I’m never after anyone to leave the show. I can work with anyone. I think everyone brings something different to the show.”

In true Southern belle mode, Parks says that Wendy Williams’ recent comments that Parks needs to depart the show are a good thing.

“I’m glad Wendy’s giving me the free publicity and that’s she’s keeping my name on her lips because that means she’s thinking about me.”

But does Williams qualify as a Southern belle?

“She’s a very tall lady,” Parks said, in true Southern belle fashion.

Phaedra Parks: ‘Kenya Moore is a Beauty Queen On Bath Salts’  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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