“I always said I don’t know If I would ever do Broadway again because it’s a lot. Every night, you’re embodying somebody’s life and you have to do 150%. But as soon as he said jazz, I felt like I was supposed to do it because two weeks before, all I was listening to was Billie Holliday and Cab Calloway. I love them and I love the music. I watched documentaries on Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald because I wanted to keep it authentic. I didn’t want to give you no 2013 jazz. I want to give you jazz and keep it raw, keep it real and that’s what I tried to do.”

Let’s just get this straight right now and stop all the rumors. J. Anthony Brown may have gone to see Fantasia perform on Broadway and he brought her flowers but the two are not dating. Sorry Jay, but Fantasia is focused on her career at the moment. She wants to give the time she’s on Broadway her full attention and welcomes the added dimension it gives to her career.

“I’m not doing that right now,” she says. “For this five months, I’m doing something totally, totally different. And I thank God. I’m allowing him to do things in my life and I’m allowing Him to take control of it. When we do that, we mess up. This five months is just me and God. I want to be nominated for a Tony, if I’m not nominated, I want to go.”

Fantasia On Love: ‘I’m Not Doing That Right Now’  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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