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Prosecutors are set to expose the full story surrounding Cee Lo Green‘s ecstasy charge. The Voice judge was accused of spiking a woman’s drink with ecstasy at a L.A. restaurant.

She claimed that the next thing she remembers is waking up in bed naked with Cee Lo.  Since there was not enough evidence, Cee Lo was cleared of sexual assault.

TMZ says,

Cee Lo was back in court yesterday (November 20th)  and the judge set a date for a primary hearing in January and will last several hours — because there are more to drug charge than meets the eye and insinuated that they are preparing to expose the sexual assault aspect of the case.

During his court hearing yesterday, Cee Lo reportedly spent the entire time hiding behind his lawyer Blair Berk. Berk also objected to cameras in the courtroom because he didn’t want Cee Lo in the spotlight.

Man, what will happen to Cee-Lo when all of this stuff comes out?  We’ll keep you posted.