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As the Entertainment Editor for, I’ve subjected my boyfriend to his fair share of “no one cares” news/gossip, reality TV shows that challenge his manhood and performances by Beyonce that I demanded he respect. So when the Super Bowl came around I made no argument against saddling up the couch in our biggest blanket and watching the big game with him. I even picked a team between the birds and the horse (I chose the horses, such a strong animal) and pretended to root for them. I think they’re called the Broncos…

Anyhoo, the festivities began with a foreshadowing mishap, The Seattle Seahawks scored a safety on The Broncos (The Broncos were tackled in their end zone after a bad snap of the ball) and he called it early on that they were going to lose. Go figure.

The Seahawks wound up snagging the Lombardi trophy but before the time faded out the fourth quarter, here’s 5 cool things I learned about my boyfriend and guys (I think)…

1. Men Know Who Quvenzhane Wallis is…

Not saying that my boyfriend and the rest of the male species is unaware of pop culture cuties like Quvenzhane Wallis, but in between listening to Chicago rap music and scratching their man parts, I didn’t know they caught “Beasts Of The Southern Wild.” Little Miss Wallis starred in Maserati’s commercial about their new “affordable” luxury car, and I was just about to exclaim my joy for the young star when my boyfriend chimed in. “Ain’t that the chick from that Oscar movie with the beasts?” he so eloquently stated. Yes, why yes it is. (Watch the commercial above) Quvenzhane is starring in the 2014 remake of “Annie.” 

2. Joe Namath Is Still The Man

I was just about to hate on Joe Namath’s furrah from Neimans (apparently he’s known for such attire) when my boyfriend informed me that Joe is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and is still the man! Joe, who played for the Jets and Rams during his heyday, was elected to the Hall Of Fame in 1985. After blinking in disbelief (if my boyfriend quoted scripture like football stats, we’d probably be married by now) he demanded, in the same stern voice I use to talk about Beyonce’s greatness, that I never disrespect Joe Namath again. Touche.

3. Men Were Not Offended By The Interracial Cheerios Commercial

You may remember the controversy surrounding the interracial Cheerios commercial that broadcasted a White and Black couple in the living rooms of mainstream America. People were highly offended by the concept of interracial families as if we haven’t past the 19th century. Well, the interracial Cheerios family made their highly anticipated encore during the many Super Bowl commercials last night and out of sheer curiosity I asked my mate how it made him feel. “They eased me into it. They showed the little girl first and I knew something was up because of her curly hair then they panned away and showed the father was Black and the mother White,” he said. “I wasn’t offended at all.”

4. Tim Tebow Sucks

Remember when Tim Tebow was like the second coming to Jesus? Then people realized all his prayers couldn’t save his game because he just wasn’t really good on the field…at all. Tebow was washed out of the NFL but that didn’t stopped him from making it to Super Bowl…sort of. Tebow starred in a T-Mobile commercial that promoted their new non-contract contract, which is rather comical since he has no contract in the NFL anymore. But hey, he looks great rescuing puppies!

5. Men Equally Think Think Pam Oliver’s Weave Is Super Bad

FOX reporter Pam Oliver has been under criticism over her bad weave. Seriously, it’s really bad. It’s clear Pam shrugged off the insults and continued to work with her hairstylist because the Chewbacca-like wig returned for the Super Bowl.

“She looks bad for a f*cking FOX commentator. I don’t know how much she gets paid but I know she gets paid enough to do her hair,” he said intently watching the screen.

Apparently men do pay attention to hair.


My boyfriend, who was also watching the Super Bowl with Instagram, turned to me and asked if it were true that Floyd Mayweather bet $10 million on the Broncos. He even showed me an image of Mayweather on FOX news. I couldn’t believe anyone would be that stupid, but then again we are talking about men here. However, it turned out that it was false. Mayweather denounced the rumor on Instagram:

See, men are totally smarter than we think!

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