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The discovery of an infant in a dumpster earlier this week in Houston once again brings to mind an alternative for desperate pregnant women.

Child Protective Services’ Gwen Carter it’s called the Baby Moses Law, passed by the Texas Legislature in 1966 to give new mothers a choice. ”We need for everyone to have a conversation or come to understand that they don’t have to do desperate things if you have a child that you can’t take care of.”

Carter says a new mother is free and clear of responsibility if they simply turn their unwanted infant over to an appropriate authority,

“Hand them to someone, a nurse at a hospital emergency room, a fireman at a fire station — give them to someone who can immediately make sure they’re okay.”

The baby will then be checked out and placed in a foster home, from which they’ll eventually be adopted.

For more information, a pregnant woman or a new mom can call the Abandonment Hotline at 1-877-904-S-A-V-E.

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