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Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church Photo by Dennis Spellman

HOUSTON – There is a lot of speculation on the streets of Houston about who stole $600,000 from Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston’s Greenway Plaza. The cash and checks were this past weekend’s donations. Many people we talked with think it’s an inside job.

“That amount of money is well protected. It doesn’t go missing very easily I know that,” said one person.

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Another person claimed to have inside information.

“Well, one of the ladies I work with is a member of the Lakewood choir and she was telling us that they keep the money hidden in a safe in one of the rooms that you can’t just walk down the hallway and find.”

As for punishment, they are not as sure what should happen to the persons responsible but an eye-for-an-eye does not seem to be in the cards for the people we spoke with near the church Wednesday afternoon.

“Maybe he just needs to talk to God a little big more.”

Lakewood Church does not want to comment while the Houston Police are investigating. However, the church wants it’s members who donated by check to alert their banks.


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