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roller coaster

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With a 630-acre playground, Grand Theme Park is said to open in 2015.

For years people have been dreaming of next the Six Flags Astroworld, and wondering if Houston would ever bring it back to life.

The theme park will be located on Hwy 59 north of New Caney exit, so everyone with a kid inside eager to let it out will no longer be in the dark imagining the next successor.

According to Houston Culture Map, “Grand Texas’, Monty Galland, assured the East Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce that the theme park is only a single component of a larger plan that involves 450,000 square feet for retail and dining, multiple hotels, an RV area and a 6,000-seat stadium designed for minor league baseball games.”

This is going to be a whole new roller coaster of fun…hopefully Houston is ready for the thrill.


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