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Lining your lips is one of those beauty practices that goes in and out of vogue. Some people swear by it while others think it’s completely unnecessary. Keep reading to find out where I draw the line:

To line or not to line…that is the question!


When you’re wearing a gloss, you don’t have to draw the line. Just rub a little gloss on your lips and go.

Lip Stains

Lip stains are all about giving you low maintenance washes of color so you don’t have to draw the line here.


This is where I draw the line!!

Is your lipstick too light?

Apply a warm colored lip liner on the outer perimeter of the lip. Think something with a bit of brown in it. This will help to warm up the lip color and make it more wearable.

lip 1

Are you wearing a statement lip?

Go for a liner that matches the lip perfectly. Ruby red lips look gorgeous with a ruby red lip liner. Deep wines and purples really pop when they’re lined with matching liners.

lip 2

Want to create an ombre effect?

Use a liner that is deeper then your lip color. If your doing a pink ombre lip, your liner should be a few shades deeper. Think magenta or purple liner. Color in the outer perimeter of your lips. Then lightly pat your lip color into the middle of your lips. Blend the darker color into the lipstick and there you have it.

lip 3

Where do you draw the line? Chime in below.

Contributed by Danielle Lewis Beauty

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