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Some people who work downtown have to pay double, and their parking passes will expire an hour before they get out of work. Photo by Dennis Spellman, News 92 FM

(HOUSTON) — News 92 FM discovered a parking surprise near Minute Maid Park on Astros Opening Day Tuesday.

We found a parking lot that normally charges $5 to park all day. Tuesday, it cost the event rate of $10, and it started first thing in the morning. That meant people who were just going to work were forced to pay to the price of those going to the game.

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To make matters worse, the parking pass printed by the machine expired at 4 p.m. — two hours before the first pitch at the Astros-Yankees game.

People who work downtown said they felt like they were being scammed. They had to work until around 5 p.m., so they were forced to pay twice or get towed.

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