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Wilhelmina model and former “American Idol” songstress, Joanne Borgella announced that she was diagnosed with cancer in October 2013. Since then, the beautiful talent has been sharing her journey with her fans and followers on Facebook. From stunning photos of herself waiting for tests or videos of her updating us on her status with inspirational and heartwarming messages. Recently, Joanne shared that she’d been suffering through very painful headaches and upon going to the emergency room to figure out what was going on, she found out that the cancer spread to her brain. While watching the video, I immediately started bawling as if we were girlfriends and she sat me down to tell me her very scary news.

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And this is why I just had to share. Joanne created this video to update us all, but to also remind us of the unconditional love she has for God. Joanne’s diagnosis is pretty grim, but you would never be able to tell because of the way she handles the new and still somehow finds a way to focus on the positive. Joanne passionately said, “I have so much faith in the Lord. I know that God is with me. I am thankful for everything that’s happened. This is already a new testimony. If I didn’t have that massive headache, I would have never known to get a scan on my brain and for us to see that there was cancer there. I am thankful for that. I know that God is here. God is alive…We got this!”

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My tears refused to stop as I kept watching Joanne’s incredible testimony. Many of us complain about the most menial parts of our lives and just to see that there are people like Joanne, who are facing their own mortality, still give thanks to God and focus on what they’re grateful for is humbling and inspiring. Thank you Joanne Borgella for your vulnerability and strength. She’s made me appreciate every moment of my life with new urgency. We all need these little reminders every once in a while. My thoughts and prayers are with Joanne and her family in this difficult time.

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