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Stephania McKinney(HOUSTON) — A Houston grandmother is charged after her 3-month-old grandson tested positive for PCP.

According to court documents, the baby’s mother left him in the care of his grandmother, Stephania McKinney, on March 27. The next day, McKinney called saying her son was not acting normal.

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When the child’s mother got to McKinney’s house, the baby was reportedly limp and unresponsive. She rushed him to the emergency room where he tested positive for PCP.

McKinney told Houston police she was smoking marijuana with a group of homeless people, and one of the cigarettes could have been laced with PCP. She also admitted to snorting cocaine.

The grandmother said she didn’t know how the drug got into the baby’s system, but added that she bit the nipple of the baby’s bottle to create a bigger hole and may have still had drugs in her mouth when she did it.

McKinney said her grandson was acting strangely soon after.

The baby boy did survive. McKinney is charged with child endangerment.

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