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I have to say, I DO NOT CONDONE STEALING, but you have to admit, this one is kind of funny. So a man by the name of Timothy Frederick Knight had a really important date that he just could not miss, he was found guilty of car theft…..for the seventh time and needed to make it to his latest court date. Now, I respect the man for prioritizing and taking care of his responsibilities but, this is where the story takes a really interesting turn;  The 53-year-old San Francisco resident, was originally  arrested last February 15th in Daly City on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle.  Knight was then released on a $50,000 bond for the theft charge and given a hearing date of April 3. Knight, who doesn’t own a car reportedly stole a Honda vehicle in order to appear at his preliminary court hearing. His case was continued, so he allegedly got back in to the allegedly stolen wheels in an attempt to drive away from the courthouse.

So how did the police find out the car Knight was in was a stolen?  Reportedly, police noticed the Honda while it was parked and saw that the ignition had been punched and there was a screwdriver still laying on the floor. Task Force agents arrested Knight as he tried to drive away from the courthouse. Oh and  Knight reportedly pleaded not guilty to the new car theft charges.  Knight is currently in jail and his bail has been doubled and then some at $165,000.