“I won’t talk about Whitney. No Whitney jokes for me. Other than that, I’m good.”

She also says that a live show in front of an audience and what routines she’ll do on TV can be two very different things.

“I’m very picky about what I will do on television. It’s one thing to perform live and say what you wan tot say but when you’re on television, I’m selective about what I will say and won’t say.”

As far as slavery, the subject that got Jones in trouble, Sommore says, that’s another topic she’s not willing to go there with.

“I don’t play slavery anyway. They got me with the 12 Years Of Slave. I watched and I got so into it, I went up and got the white lady next to me some popcorn. I don’t do slavery well.”

Comicview airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET, 9 p.m.  Central  on BET.

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