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Toni Braxton’s new book Unbreak My Heart details the real struggle behind her glamorous life. In her book, Braxton spares little detail about the challenges she’s faced, from getting an abortion while engaged to her future husband Keri Lewis, to her numerous health challenges to growing up in a restrictive church.

But on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, it’s all laughs when Jay and Tom find it hard to recover from Toni’s sultry morning voice. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

I love the [pictures of] the Braxton sisters, the early years.

We were kinda wrong but we grew up to be swans.

You brought some things to light in the book, especially the cult-like family that you were a part of in your church.

We were raised very religious I often talk about that but I never go into detail. I think when you read the book, you go OK, got it. It was pretty strict Old Testament holiness. When you say holiness, people kind of get it, but I never said that when I would do press in the past. It made it a little more challenging with the upbringing I had being a professional singer, the type of singer that I became today.

It colored a lot of your childhood obviously but it seemed like you broke from that. It seems like a lot of people are going through that and trying to find their own path.

It can be tough when you are a preacher’s kid. It was a tough journey because tradition is so important and you have this abandonment thing that if I don’t do it the way I was brought up, it’s a bad thing or I’m not a good Christian or things like that. It was a tough journey but a good journey because it was taboo for me to do this type of music so I had to have it even more.

What about the way you dressed onstage?

I just always wanted to be sexy, so being that homely, I shouldn’t say homely but less fashionable girl. Some of them are a bit risqué but that’s a part of my journey to where I wanted to be.

You talk about dating white, a lot. So we’re run down a list – who would you date?

Justin Timberlake – No

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