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Things got a little complicated on last night’s episode of “R&B Divas Atlanta.” KeKe, Monifah and Syleena were ecstatic to learn that they were nominated for a Grammy award for the “R&B Divas” complication album, but weren’t sure what that meant for their old friends, Faith Evans and Nikki Gilbert. Technically, Faith Evans was the executive producer of the album and was the one that brought the idea to the other girls in the first place. However, since the other girls were featured on the album, they believed that they should also share in the nomination.

When KeKe spoke with Faith over the phone, Faith attempted to explain to her that only she was invited to the show and would let the other girls attend and walk the carpet with her if they purchased a ticket. Ouch! 

The other divas were shocked to hear Faith’s point of view. The fact that Faith used the word “let” when speaking to KeKe, bothered her the most. KeKe and Monifah were extremely excited because it was their very first Grammy nomination of their careers and were determined not to miss the big night, regardless of what Faith had to say about it. 

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LaTavia, on the other hand, was trying to get as far away from singing as possible. She was ready to begin an acting career and wanted to leave signing in the past. The other girls tried to be supportive of LaTavia’s decision but also explained to her that the more she tried to push singing out of her life, the more the media would try to force it. It sounded like LaTavia had developed a little bit of stage freight in my opinion, after all, it has been years since she has been on stage.

Meanwhile, Angie was busy planning her big birthday bash and desperately trying to recruit the girls to sing at the party. While none of the girls seemed too excited to sing, they were all willing to attend and wouldn’t mind belting out a few notes in honor of Angie’s birthday. When the night of Angie’s party came, everyone showed up in their best, walked the carpet and gave Angie their blessings. LaTavia showed up noticeably late which came across as disrespectful to Angie, especially on her birthday. When Angie took the stage and tried to recruit the divas for a “jam session” LaTavia declined claiming she had laryngitis. Of course, none of the divas believed her story and knew that LaTavia was trying to get out of singing, yet again. Could LaTavia’s unwillingness to sing cause further tension between the girls? Or should the other girls just respect LaTavia’s wishes?

Overall, the birthday bash turned out to be a great time and Angie felt love from all of the girls, even LaTavia. What did you think of last night’s episode? Should LaTavia give up singing and was Faith being shady boots?


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