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Wreckage at the scene of a high-speed crash in west Houston

(KATY, TX) — Two juvenile robbery suspects survived a 100-mph car wreck that left them trapped in a crushed car.

The car was crushed like a soda can. But the kids not only lived, they were talking with the firefighters who extracted them.

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It happened around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on the Katy Freeway at Highway 6.

Harris County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office deputies said they saw the vehicle driving east on the Katy Freeway at about 100 mph with it’s lights off, so they went after it.

With deputies chasing after him, the driver tried to turn onto Highway 6. He skidded sideways and hit the curb, causing the car to go airborne, and then slammed into the bridge about 12 feet above the ground before landing.

“He hit the curb, started cartwheeling through the air and the vehicle hit the bridge about 12 feet up in the air,” Deputy Constable John Laine said.

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Both suspects were extracted from the car and taken to the hospital in serious, but stable, condition. We’re told they were alert and conscious.

Deputies said the vehicle had been stolen at gunpoint from a man in Houston earlier in the evening. A gun was recovered at the scene, as well as credit cards and other stolen items.

Police agencies are now looking to see if these two juveniles committed other aggravated robberies Wednesday night.

“We are looking for other victims of crime back the other direction where this vehicle was coming from,” Laine said. “Obviously, there is some reason it was traveling with its lights off at 100 miles per hour.”

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