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Doesn’t it seem like reaching for our phones is an involuntary reflex these days?  If you’ve never thought about it, you might be surprised at just how long you’re spending each day looking down, even if only to swipe and unlock for a few seconds.  Those seconds add up to minutes, and those minutes really do add up.

Moment App

(Credit: Moment/App Store)

Recently a developer names Kevin Holesch created an app for your iPhone called Moment, which tracks exactly how many minutes each day you spend looking at the screen, and quantifies your possible iPhone addiction.  Moment lets you set daily smartphone use limits and track your usage with warning notifications, alerting you when you’re fast approaching, or have already gone over your allotted use for the day.

The app’s creator says Moment has already helped cut his iPhone use down from 75 minutes a day to just 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, the debate over the impact of gadget use on social interactions rages on.  Some say it’s driving us farther the real world, but others, like Google, say technology exists to enrich our experience with the world, not devalue interactions.

Only time will tell who’s right, I guess.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Moment and download it for yourself.

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