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Warm weather means all kinds of things, including…fire up that grill! And oh, what delicious grilling options there are.

Though barbecue overall has a pretty bad rep, there are actually some very healthy benefits to grilling. But it’s all about the choices and the preparation.

First Is First…

There are a few health rules that you should always follow when you grill, such as:

Don’t burn your food. According to, you shouldn’t char your food. Why? Two compounds found in charred and overcooked meats, heterocyclic amine (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), are known carcinogens. One study that found that people who consumed well done meats regularly were 60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Use a low-fat marinade. Some research suggests that marinating meat (even briefly) significantly reduces the formation of HCAs. Including garlic and onions in the marinade may also help reduce HCA formation on cooked meat.

Keep it lean. Select leaner cuts (and trim any visible fat), to prevent dripping fat from causing flare-ups, which may deposit carcinogens on the meat.

Use foil. Spread aluminum foil on the grill to limit flare-ups. Make small holes in the foil to allow fat from the meat to drain.

Also, to help lower your cancer risks, clean your grill to get rid of preexisting charred food.

Now…here are some of the top healthy benefits of that savory, barbecued goodness:

1. Marinades Can Be Healthy!

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