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“I really got some issues if I done did this for material,” Shepherd says. “You know what made me mad, though? Now I’m back in this place of being single. Now I’m back in the place where I gotta be the usher, the greeter, I gotta teach your kids in Sunday school…that’s what the single folks did. I got married and I got to come to the church and listen to the sermon. Now I’m back in that place where people say ‘How are you , Sherri? And I’m saying ‘I’m blessed and highly favored because God is bringing my man today. I’m back in that place.”

Humor has been and continues to be Shepherd’s avenue to overcoming and getting through this difficult season.

“You have to laugh,” she says. “If you don’t laugh, you would wake up with half your face hanging off. You can’t move the left side of your face,” she laughs.

Shepherd says after two husbands, she still believes in marriage, but maybe not for her a third time.

“I believe in marriage. But you know when they say ‘This is her companion.’ I think I want to be a companion. Because love is expensive,” she says. “When I go on a date, I’m going to carry papers with me. This is a prenup, this a confidentiality agreement. Before you even ask me ‘How you doing, I wanna holla at you,’ sign your name right here. As long as you can get up and move your fingers and toes, you’re good.

I’m a survivor. You ain’t gon’ keep me down.”

(Photo: SherriEShepherd IG)

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