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It seems like every day we get a study about a new food that causes cancer.

It used to stress me out, but then I remembered, stress kills you too.  So does the air we breathe and the water we drink out the tap, the water hose and even the bottle, if it’s made out of the wrong kind of plastic.

Along with foods like microwave popcorn, processed meats, non-organic fruit, and diet drinks…add sunlight, medical x-rays and fallout from testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere.  There’s also a chance we will be killed by a drunk driver, an earthquake or a bee sting.

Just over the weekend, a crocodile got loose on a plane, caused the people to panic, the pilot crashed the plane and 18 passengers plus the pilot died.  The crocodile survived.

Are we really safe anywhere anymore? It seems like we aren’t

If we look at life this way, though, what’s the point?   I choose to look at it differently. So I made my own list.

Here are some things that haven’t killed anyone that I know and even if they do kill you, at least you’ll go having fun.

1. Watching an HBCU half-time show

2. Eating peanut butter cookies straight from the oven

3. Watching Sports Center

4. Participating in any kind of Caribbean Parade

5. Out doing your older sibling at anything

6. Licking the spoon after your mama mixes cake batter

7. Napping in the afternoon

8. Watching “Orange is the New Black.”

9. Making a difference in someone else’s life

10. One More Time…at anything that makes you smile.

Whether we’re rich or poor, old or young we need to spend less time worrying about tomorrow and more time enjoying every moment we have.

So don’t wait until the time is right or worry about what other people are going to think, because someone is always going to tell you that they would do it differently if they were you.  Let that go.

So make your own list of things you like doing and share it below.  It might give the rest of us some ideas and take our minds off the possibility of getting struck by lightening while eating microwave popcorn.

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