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It’s happened to all of us.  We set down our phone or tablet, make a quick movement, and knock over the glass of water which ultimately begins to seep into the crevices of our precious device.  Your mind recoils in horror as you rush for the paper towels, or whatever absorbent material you have on-hand, and then you pray that the damage has been contained.

Impervious Waterproofing Spray


All of this could’ve been avoided by simply using a service called Impervious, a product which not only waterproofs your smartphone or tablet, but also renders it scratch-proof as well.

Impervious is an invisible nano spray with molecules 1000 times smaller than a human hair, and also contains super-hydrophobic properties.

There are similar services out there, but in most cases you’ll not only have to send off your device for coating, but it’ll cost you — a lot.  Usually the pricing is somewhere along the lines of your firstborn, a nice steak dinner, and a pack of Black Jack gum.

Why Black Jack?  Couldn’t say.  I don’t make the rules.

If you’d like to learn more about getting your very affordable do-it-yourself kit, CLICK HERE to see how it works.  And don’t forget to check out the video below of Impervious in action.

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