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08/14/14 –

Dear Tom,

My mother has been nothing but an inspiration to my life.  As a single parent, she made sure that i never had to go without and that i received the best education possible.

As I was growing up – she encouraged me to sign up for extracurricular activities like:  drama club, tae kwon do, dance, swimming, step team and marching band – where i played the saxophone.  She was very supportive and was never late or missed any of my events.

My mother takes great pride in her job – she works at Newport News shipbuilding – they build huge aircraft carriers and battleships.  She has been there for 42 years and was recently crowned master shipbuilder.

She is also a member of the African American shipbuilder association.  She mentors kids and helps organize black history programs in February and fundraising events around the holidays.

I am so blessed to call her mom but she isn’t a single mom anymore!  We live near the beach and one day, she was taking a long relaxing walk along the shoreline and she met a nice man. They dated for a long time and have been married for 7 years.

Now, it’s been about a year since she saw her brother who lives in Clearwater, Florida.  They talk on the phone, chat online and are Facebook friends but you just can’t give someone a great big hug on the internet…yet!

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