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Why won’t she go away? That is the first thought that comes to my mind when I see another post, or picture of Kim Kardashian. Not only is she a mainstay on social media, she even popped up recently on the lips of my Professor during his academic lecture on Entrepreneurship.  I was ‘sick’ of hearing about Kim K, but in a twist of perspective,  I am starting to see that there is actually something to be learned from the evolution of this socialite turned business woman, wife and mother.


Kanye West said in an article, “ In order to win in life, you need Kim K. skills, period.” So what are “Kim K. skills?” Well according to Kanye it is the skill of “getting s—t done and being happy”.

Blackenterprise highlights five skills that small businesses can take heed to, learning from Kim Kardashian’s trademark licensing game.


  1. Create a solid brand.
  2. Don’t let anyone [else] exploit your brand.
  3. Trademark everything!
  4. Check your brand before you wreck your brand.
  5. Expand Your Vision, Expand Your Brand.

Now some of you may say, “I’m just a person, not a business, why do I care about Kim K. skills?” To this I say that there’s always transferable skills in business that you can apply to life, to make your ‘day-to-day’ even more successful. And in the words of Shelby from the Best Man Holiday, “Don’t Hate, Emulate Kim. K!”

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