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Gospel great, Fred Hammond is back from a short hiatus.  He wrote a letter to programmers of radio stations talking about all that he’s been through that we, the public, had no idea was going on.  Here’s the full letter,

Dear Programmer;

One thing that most of the body of Christ may not be aware of is that for the past 15 years I have lived with chronic knee and leg pain. If I would minister or try to do ordinary day-to-day tasks like walking up a flight of stairs, walking through an airport or something as simple as shopping-I would experience excruciating pain. Over the years I learned to function and live with the pain.

There were 2 major factors why I decided that I would that have surgery done.  The first was my doctor suggested that I wait until I was 58-60 years old. Secondly, my father died from complications after the same surgery I was scheduled to have-and he only had one knee done.

So needless to say, I just tried to claim victory, live through the pain and not get the much needed surgery. But in doing that, I reached a place where my knees had become so severely damaged that the doctor said I could no longer wait.

So in August 2013, along with my doctor and my family I made the decision that the first of the year- January 3rd 2014 I would have both knees replaced. Normally it’s suggested that you have the knees done one at a time-but both my knees were so bad-and I had little downtime to have two separate surgeries-so I went ahead with the decision to have them both done.

In January after the surgery I was unable to move around freely-. I needed help from family, therapists, walkers, crutches and sometimes-complete strangers. During those moments my heart was sometimes just overwhelmed with pressure and sadness. Simple tasks like going to the restroom or putting on my socks felt almost impossible without assistance. Simply put-sometimes it was downright embarrassing…it made me feel as though I had done too much and possibly have bitten off more than I could chew.  As I lay there in bed often times with tears running down my face uncontrollably… I would whisper to myself “I have to trust Him”  “I must trust Him” “I will look up to heaven and say I will trust you!”

This is the song that was birthed out of my experience.  “I Will Trust!”

Fred Hammond

We thank God that’s all is well and he’s alright!  Take a listen and the poll to let us know what you think.

Fred Hammond Live At YAMS For CIAA 2013
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