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consumer-alert(HOUSTON) — Need to cancel or return a recent purchase? The Houston Better Business Bureau is reminding consumers of a few facts surrounding the three-day “cooling off” period.

If you buy something for $25 or more, you have the right to cancel or return until midnight on the third business day following the sale.

The Houston BBB’s Monica Russo says the three-day rule does not apply to all purchases, but mainly door-to-door sales.

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“Be aware that with companies that are outright scams, it’s very difficult to enforce that rule,” Russo said. “We’ve seen that a lot of times with, for example, magazine sales crews.”

Often, scam artists cannot be located if you try to call and cancel.

Russo says even a salesman who tells you about the three-day rule shouldn’t be trusted automatically.

“Some do it to make themselves look legitimate knowing [the consumer] will never follow through on it,” Russo warned.

So how do you know if it’s a scam or not? Russo says go online before making any purchases.

A lot of these companies already have reports in the BBB system. Log on to www.bbbhouston.org for more information.

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