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(HOUSTON) — The Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation will hold a skydiving event on Saturday in the hopes of raising money for cancer research.

The goal is not only to raise money  for cancer research and to help families impacted by the disease, but also to make history.

The Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation, or CCRF, is teaming with Skydive Spaceland and hopes to get more than 251 people involved in the jump. That would set the Guiness World Record.

Chad Barrett lost his daughter to a rare form of cancer in June. He says in addition to the heartache of watching your child suffer, cancer treatment takes a toll on families financially.

“I met some dads who had to quit their jobs because they had to take their child to treatment,” Barrett says. “Then you run into the issue of: We can’t pay our light bill this month.”

Barrett was helped by CCRF and wants to give back by participating in the jump.

More information about the dive is available here.

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