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Do Your Kid’s Eat, Love, Pray?

As a first time parent I have wondered if I am doing all I can to give my child a leg up. Some may say: “Sky relax, don’t overthink this parenting thing”, “It all balances out”  or  “He’s only 2 years old” but, I constantly question if I am doing the right things to care for him, protect him and to ensure he ‘s developing at the right pace. I ask myself these questions daily: Is Kenzo (that’s my two year old) getting the right food? (He refuses to eat his vegetables, so I blend veggie shakes); Is Kenzo being respectful and obedient at school? (Lord knows, I try to discipline him at home so that he doesn’t embarrass me! Is he kind? (I’m intentional about showering him with affection to display my love). But there is one particular area that had not crossed my mind until yesterday. Someone sent me this video of a young child “decreeing and declaring.” What the heck is there for a kid to “decree and declare?” I wondered before clicking on the link. What I saw next, blew-my-mind.

There it was on YouTube, a child, no more than 5 years old putting half the adults I know to shame, with his ability to pray. I mean his boldness and eloquence blew me away! Even at THIRTY-FIVE years I sometimes still say the elementary kid’s prayer: “Thy Lord lay me down to sleep” prayer. Now, I understand there are varying opinions on choice of religion and levels of maturity blah-blah-blah, but I thought this was AMAZINGLY positive and encouraging, that a child so young could have the ability to perform at this level.  I don’t recall being taught or having enough COURAGE to pray at a young age, and when I was young it was still LEGAL to pray at school. Now I have a whole ‘nother question to add to my already long “Am I being a Good Parent” list, that is am I teaching my 2-year old son how to pray? This video is a few years old, but check out this amazing kid’s prayer!