Jesse Williams has spoken out about the importance of teaching kids African-American history. According to The Jasmine Brand, the actor explained, “No one is doing us any favors by putting up a poster of Martin Luther King Jr. People need to realize that we’re directly connected to the invention of civilization. I don’t view it […]


A Georgia grandmother is demanding answers after her grandson with special needs was allegedly found hanging by his belt from the chalkboard as a form of punishment administered by his teacher, reports the New York Daily News. Tracy Davis says the principal at Shoal Creek Elementary School in Conyers, Georgia found the 5-year-old in the disturbing […]

Will Black public school students suffer academically because of a dwindling number of Black teachers? It’s a critical question that is being debated in education circles…

After being found guilty of the largest cheating scandal in the nation, 10 former Atlanta educators were sentenced Tuesday, some up to seven years in prison. Judge Jerry…


I never thought seeing three teenage girls perform a poem, could be so impactful. But an “impact” is just what Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen, members of the Get Lit organization are trying to accomplish with their passionate and thought provoking poetic piece – “Somewhere in America“ Watch as these three young members perform “Somewhere in […]

Do Your Kid’s Eat, Love, Pray? As a first time parent I have wondered if I am doing all I can to give my child a leg up. Some may say: “Sky relax, don’t overthink this parenting thing”, “It all balances out”  or  “He’s only 2 years old” but, I constantly question if I am […]


When and how should you start teaching your child about Money Management?  We found a little help from our friends at Click here to READ MORE.

My piece about a middle school teacher incorporating Twitter in his classroom has generated a lot of tweets itself. Enrique Legaspi, a history teacher in East Los Angeles, recently began requiring his students to tweet to foster greater participation in his classes — especially among shy students. The reaction to this phenomenon was sharp on […]

It is wonderful that Yoga is continuing to gain popularity as a resource for healing in the black community, from celebrities to inmates.  According to, Hollywood star Wesley Snipes requested Yoga Mats to teach other inmates the benefits during his time in prison. Here is the picture that TMZ put up, It is obviously […]

The House passed a bill Tuesday afternoon providing $26.1 billion to cash-strapped state governments, and preventing roughly 161,000 teachers and 158,000 public works employees from being laid off. The vote was 247-161. Democratic leadership has been under tremendous pressure to pass legislation before the start of the school year policy-wise, and before the November elections […]