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Cable is too Damn High!

4 Ways to save Money and still get your Ratchet or Renaissance TV Fix.

Listen. I love watching TV as much of the next person, but about 4 years ago I realized something. My pockets were hurting because cable television was just TOO DARN HIGH!

I love being up on the latest shows; I mean I go “all in” and can tell you every character, plot and next episode, before it event happens! I had even gotten my mother in to watching some of this foolery and even made her feel bad about it when I caught her “sneak watching” Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (she was just poisoning her pure little mind).

Observation: In our hearts, some of us have a deeper relationship with many of our favorite TV shows, than we do with the real life people we know. We are addicted to SCANDAL, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, BIG BANG THEORY, BLUE BLOOD, PERSON OF INTEREST, SURVIVOR and the COOKING CHANNEL. No matter what your favorite show is, my point is, YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY FOR CABLE TO WATCH TV! (Pause: I’m not giving the neighborhood bootleggers a pass, I’m just saying).

I get it, there are certain things we don’t want to give up: (sex, bacon, scandal!), But in order to get to a higher level of health, wealth and spiritual self, you gotta face the music and make some changes.

The average person spends anywhere from $100-$200/month on cable. What else could you be doing with that extra cash? What would your savings account look like if instead of spending $2,000/year on cable, you put it away? Here is Sky’s suggestions of 4 Ways to Save Money but still get some of the shows you like best. Now many people won’t take heed, but they say if you ‘know better, you do better’… Good luck!



Do you REALLY need 900+ channels? Seriously, how many of them do you really watch?? Honestly.

Could a $24.99 – $49.99 starter package with 155 – 200+ channels suffice?

Tip 2: Say You’re Leaving.

Ever called your cell phone provider and tell them you were leaving? I bet they would roll out all kinds of incentives to keep your business. Well TV providers are the same. No one likes to lose a customer. Call and talk to a retention specialist and see what they can offer you, to keep your business. Ask for a saving. And if they don’t offer anything, there may just be another provider with a better deal for new subscribers.


Tip 3: TRY HULU!

I was telling my 70 yr. old great aunt the other day about Hulu Plus (she was already on it, who knew!?) Hulu is around $7.99 a month but they show programs the day after they air usually. If you can wait to watch shows, this may be a good option, and of course Netflix is always an option.

Tip 4: Get an Antenna from Walmart!

This is what I did. It may sound old school, but yep, my big ole flat screen TV has a cute flat antenna with it and I have a ZERO dollar cable bill every month. You won’t get cable programs, but you’ll pick up more than 30 broadcast networks (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX). And whatever I miss, I either go to my favorite shows direct website like for Scandal or for my ratchet shows like all the housewives etc. I can watch from my Ipad, Smartphone etc.