Via: If you are a women looks for funding to start a nonprofit, business or looking for a scholarship has complied the top 60 programs for women in 2015.  Click the link below to find out more details. Click Here For More Info

Tom: What’s expected for the retail sector during this holiday shopping season? Mellody: That is the big question, Tom. Overall, the retail sector has had a…

How would you live if you had the wealth of a Celebrity?  Would the money go to your head and make you a money-wasting Tyrant?  Well check out this list of Celebrities who take it all in stride and live like normal people.  Some will surprise you.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

This is a Must Read, even if you are in love with your Job, this will give your something to think about.  Originally published on LinkedIn, author James Altucher lays out the case for why “you have to quit your job.”  And he does it convincingly with truth and clear thought that you will only […]


Office-supply retailer Staples confirmed a data breach that may have affected 1.16 million customer credit cards.  Click here for More on Data Breach.

  Cable is too Damn High! 4 Ways to save Money and still get your Ratchet or Renaissance TV Fix. Listen. I love watching TV as much of the next person, but about 4 years ago I realized something. My pockets were hurting because cable television was just TOO DARN HIGH! I love being up […]

Mellody Hobson is President of Ariel Investments, a Chicago-based money management firm and she has some great new for those of you that have old medical bill weighting down your credit. Click here to listen 


In today’s “Money Mondays” segment, Mellody Hobson discusses IPOs. This morning we are talking initial public offerings? We are, Tom! We have seen an incredible…

People oftentimes rationalize the idea: “I work hard I deserve something nice”. I’m not faulting anyone for that, but I just want to introduce the concept of thinking forward.  I am no one’s Financial advisor, CPA or Financial Broker. I do not have a certification in this regard, but what I do have is COMMON […]

Before you file 2013 your taxes, read this!  

  Target states ObamaCare as the reason it cuts healthcare for part-timers…read more!  

Via Newsone: What do you think you’d learn after talking to 1,000 black millionaires?   There is a common cord…… Read more