Taraji took a risk from her usual red carpet look and won big with her tantalizing tresses.

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Don't miss these clever and creative costumes to help inspire your Halloween fun!

Cracked feet be gone. You will need this super beauty product as the weather gets cooler.

Hair is such an individual process, so instead of purchasing products, or in addition to, you decide to make your own.

  Ok. It’s Monday. The Monday before the esteemed “Valentine’s Day” and while I am a single, non-dating woman who is not expecting or looking to receive gifts from a lover or significant other (my son is only 2 so he won’t count for years to come); I am looking forward to being someone’s “Funny […]

  I don’t know WHERE this cold weather has come from the past two weeks. One thing I do know is that where there’s winter chill, there’s  a cold or flu a lurking! Exhibit 1: This weekend my 3 year old nephew asked to spend the night with his favorite auntie (me) and my 2 […]

Photo Source: IamDiddy’s Twitter You can always tell when the Christmas is nearing… If you’re anything like me, you do not take well to unannounced visitations to your residence. My friends and family should all know, you must first call, text, or email me to get a clearance before just popping up at my house. […]

  The first thing you might think about is food and only food for the first 8-10 hours (that you’re awake) believe me your body has to adjust .I notices as you go on with the diet some foods starts to upset your stomach I have been on quick weight loss for 5 weeks and […]

                    Ayana Mack and Tamika Fletcher show you how you can use everyday things around the house to make great gifts. Check out he video and see how to make the picture puzzle, a great gift and inexpensive gift for dad. Or it can just be a […]


Halloween is right around the corner and by now you probably have your costume picked out. But have you given any thought to your nails?  Recently I felt inspired to go on the hunt for nail designs festive enough for costume parties or trick-or-treating with the little ones.  I scoured the beauty supply to find […]


Can’t afford to go to a fancy spa? Why not pamper yourself at home by making your own bath salts. Here’s an inexpensive way to make your own bath salts: Things you’ll need: 2 cups Epsom salts 1 cup Sea salt 6 drops eucalyptus oil 10 drops rosemary oil 15 drops peppermint oil Loofah Candles […]

Stress and tiredness can lead to red, puffy eyes. If you need some help soothing your eyes, try these remedies from wholeliving.com: