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*****UPDATE: As reported by just hours ago by NBC 10 Philadelphia, Rapper Cool C has be granted an Emergency Stay of Execution! Read the Update HERE****


Are you where you were 15 or 20 years ago?

Hopefully you are in a better place, or at least a comparable place ; more than we can say for golden era rapper Christopher Roney aka Cool C, famous for his 1980’s hit “Glamorous Life”.

“Ooh OooooOooew, the glamorous life!” I remember singing along to the song as the video would play on YO! MTV Raps. It was one of those east coast songs that stuck with my down south ears.

The rapper who was once at the helm of a budding career,  rapping about obtaining the good life and sometimes the troubles of inner city, today is awaiting death by lethal injection in Pennsylvania’s Correctional Institute At Greene. Although the rapper has always maintained his innocence in the case, the execution warrant was signed months back by Gov. Corbett.

As reported by The Source, Cool C, 44, was convicted of the first degree murder of Officer Lauretha Vaird, when the 43 year old, nine year veteran responded to a bank robbery call in 1996 when Roney, his mentor Steady B aka Warren McClone , and Philly rapper Mark Canty attempted to rob a PNC almost 19 years ago. Canty and McClone both received life in prison for their roles in the crime. Lauretha Vaird was the first Female officer in Philadelphia to be killed in the line of duty.