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Kametra Barbour is suing the Forney, Texas police department and chief in a huge $2 million lawsuit after she the police shockingly held at gunpoint in front of her children. Barbour and her children were mistakenly detained for involvement in a robbery.

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On August 9, police were on the search for a car that fit the description of being “occupied by four Black males” in a “beige or tan colored Toyota.” Barbour’s car was stopped and nothing about her and the car was a match. She was driving a burgundy Nissan Maxima and was with her two kids and two goddaughters. The cops figured that the children in Barbour’s car were possibly the robbers because it was the only car seen on Highway 80, the same road the Toyota was said to have been on. Let’s repeat this: The cops thought that children, who are often physically smaller than grown adults, were the suspects on the run. We can’t

Despite the mix up, Barbour was cooperative with the police, unaware of what was going on at first. She was asked to step out of her car and place her hands behind her head, and that’s when the children became frightened. Reports slightly vary on what occurred next because some claim that three of the children were asked to get out at gunpoint as well, others say the cops started to backtrack on Barbour once they realized children were in the car and another states that a child actually approached the officers as they yelled, “Guns down! Guns down!” Either way, guns were held blatantly towards Barbour, in front of children. Devastating.

The police department has since apologized to Barbour, calling it a “frightening and unfortunate incident,” but Barbour is moving ahead with her lawsuit for negligence and false imprisonment. Weeks after the terrifying ordeal, she wrote on Facebook that she was still shaken up about it. She recalls telling her loved ones after it was over, “You must not be bitter or angry, just try to stay calm in a situation like this.”

Why was there even a situation like this? What do you think beauties? Sound off in the comments below.


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