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Dear Tom,

My mother, Jean Bullock, has endured many personal tragedies over the last thirty years.  Yet she has somehow remained resilient.    The story of her life is a touching one.   She had 7 children by the time she was 38 years- old.    Divorced and a single mom, she met my step-dad in the late 70’s and they moved us out of the ghetto into a nice house in the suburbs.

My mom became the neighborhood babysitter and candy lady.  Everyone knew “Ms. Jean” because she never turned away a child that needed care.

However, by 1990, she had her nice suburban house foreclosed on.   Thankfully, the buyer took pity on her situation and allowed her to stay and pay rent.   She has remained on the same rental property for the last 25 years, never to be a home-owner again.

Painfully, my mother has had to bury two sons—one daughter—and her mom.   In 2011, her husband—my step-dad— suffered two strokes.

Tom, it is my Christmas wish to ask for your assistance to get my mother a new oven.   Financial times have been so bad for her, that when the oven went out a year ago she had to just cope with it.  The only functioning part, which was the top broiler, died on Christmas Eve as she was preparing our holiday dinner.   Mom was so distraught, that she grabbed the ham and finished it outside on the grill in the freezing cold.

It is with tears rolling down my face that i hope you can grant my mom “a new oven” for her Christmas gift.    That would really warm my heart and show her that i appreciate her strength so much!

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