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“We really didn’t leave, we just stopped putting out records,” says Dalvin. “We still had #1 singles on the radio and you know music had started going through a transitional period. Hip-hop became really, really dominant in the music business so it kind of pushed R&B music to the back. And we didn’t want to fall by the wayside as many groups did trying to push ballads on the radio in the mainstream when it was dominated by hip-hop. There’s a perception Jodeci broke up but we never broke up.”

Dalvin says that after 18 years, the time was ripe for a comeback.

“Great artists were falling but people started wanting that great R&B real songs that you could make love to instead of just bouncing in the club to,” says Dalvin. “We just stuck to the same formula and didn’t follow trends because Jodeci has always set trends.”

K-Ci says that during their solo success, they were still recording Jodeci tracks so it getting back to the group was seamless.

“When me and our brother had our solo career, we were recording and then go crosstown and do Jodeci. We stayed around each other, we used to live around the corner from each other. We believe that a family that prays together, stays together,” says K-Ci.

Jodeci The, Past The Present And The Future Tracklisting:

  1. “Too Hot”
  2. “Sho Out”
  3. “Checkin For You”
  4. “Those Things” (co-prod. Timbaland)
  5. “Every Moment”
  6. “Nobody Wins” f. B.o.B.
  7. “Incredible” (co-prod. Timbaland)
  8. “Jennifer”
  9. “Body Parts”
  10. “Stress Reliever”
  11. “Sho Out” f. Liana Banks

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