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7 Family Friendly Restaurants to Take Kiddos in Houston

Ever waited to the last-minute to plan your kid’s birthday party? Well this year I was the QUEEN of last-minute planning, knowing good and well my son would be turning 3 years old, and because I did it so “BIG” last year, that I would have to either out do, or at least “live up to” the caliber of celebration from the previous year. Still, I waited until two weeks from his birthday to bust a move. I waited to the last-minute partially waiting on the other half (his Dad) to contribute his ideas, but mostly because deep down I believe I did TOO MUCH last year (a 3-day weekend of events including a party at Chuck-e-Cheese, an outdoor excursion at the Houston Zoo topping off with an outing at the Houston Aquarium) and quite frankly I’m was not looking forward to that level of effort this year.  Instead I’ve opted for the simply life- providing a private party equipped with cake and goodies for his toddler classmates at school and a nice dinner with both of his parentals.

In researching an interactive place that is both kid friendly and that provides a good meal,  here are some top finds that are at least worth looking into for a Family Birthday Diinner/Outing.

  1. Pappasito’s Cantina – (Ok, Okay! This one was for ME), but hey don’t they say the apple never falls far from the tree? I LOVE Mexican food. Enchiladas and tacos are my favorite and thus have become my 2-yr olds favorite. He eats them until his belly is overfull. The shrimp enchiladas at Pappasitos are heavenly to me, so I figured until he’s old enough to request his own restaurant, why not go somewhere Mommy likes, no? Now to the real kid spots :).
  1. Jus’ Mac– Who knew they would come up with a place, strictly for those tough kids who ONLY want mac-n-cheese? Just Mac’s menu has 18 unique variations of macaroni and cheese dishes. They even offer 7 vegetarian takes on it, if you’re health conscious and even have mac-n-cheese SOUP!
  2. The Downtown Aquarium – Although we’ve been to the aquarium a few times (even for another friends birthday party), it’s still a great way to get activities and a meal in at the same time.
  3. Natachee’s Supper’nPunch– If you can appreciate a quirky-type of spot that is traditional but non-traditional this spot is for you. Very eclectic atmosphere, offering fried pickles, turkey burgers and chicken fried steak for adults and the kids are treated to sliders, PB&J sandwiches and hot dogs, sent out in vintage lunch boxes. As an incentive, to ensure kids clean their plates the waitresses serve freezer pops for kids who are all done!
  4. MKT Bar- This one is a casual restaurant, but I love the fact that their menu is well rounded and diverse – it can satisfy my “exploratory” taste buds with Chickpea Fries and Moroccan dishes. It can accommodate his dads vegan diet plus satisfy the kids simple eating as their brunch menu is served until 3pm with waffles and more! Oh and did I mention the have Gelato!? The other awesome thing about MKT bar is that its right by Discovery Green park! Kids can eat then enjoy a day of play. If it’s a Tuesday, take advantage of Toddler Tuesday with story time, activities and sometimes character appearances!
  5. Kemah Boardwalk – Kemah Boardwalk has rides, and you can enjoy a meal at one of the many eateries. Most cater to the seafood lovers but the menus have some land lover options as well. You can also bring your own meals to enjoy along the boardwalk if a sit-down restaurant isn’t what you’re looking for.
  6. Pleasure Pier – Pleasure Pier boasts 16 rides along with games, entertainment, food venues including Landry’s Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., retail shops and other family-oriented attractions.