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Black Bird

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Blackbird tells the story of a 17-year-old (Rand Rousseau)  who is a Southern choirboy that always turns to a picture of Jesus in his bedroom when life seems to get rough. To Randy’s peers his the perfect person and whenever they refer to a sin they would call it a “Randy sin” because he’s a virgin that doesn’t curse, drink, or cause in trouble and he definitely sets a high standard for those around him. We all may appear perfect on the outside, but know one knows the struggles we deal with and fight on the inside. Randy’s struggle is that he has these crazy dreams about of of his male classmates. Although he pray’s about it, Jesus doesn’t seem to make them go away.

The Majic 102.1 crew really enjoyed viewing the film with all the listeners from our community.  They also got the opportunity to witness and participate in a Q&A session after the screening, which sparked some truly thought-provoking conversation.  The heightening of awareness surrounding the social and psychological obstacles and misconceptions facing our LGBT communities is definitely necessary and hopefully, catapulted by this film.

Please check out some of the moments from the Blackbird screening in our gallery below.

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