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Jeb Bush Speaks At CDU Economics Conference

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Morning, gorgeous! Here’s today’s top stories in your world. Ya welcome!

Yikes: Jeb Bush States His Running For President 

Here’s a riddle for ya: how many Bush presidents does it take to obliterate citizens’ faith in the American government? Okay, that was a little harsh, but let’s be real, I think all of us felt a little cringe when the news broke that Jeb Bush is now the third in his family to be going after the Oval Office. Read the full story here at my favorite, the New York Times.

Here We Go: Hillary Clinton Promises To Close Income Gap

Jeb Bush isn’t the only one showin’ out to snag the title as “Commander in Chief.” This weekend during a speaking engagement at Roosevelt Island, Hillary Clinton pledged to close the gap between rich and poor Americans. Sounds nice, but I’d like to see her try. Read the full scoop at The Root.

Noooooo! Bill Cosby Successfully Blocks Evidence From Molestation Lawsuit

Damn, damn, damn. The wrath of Bill Cosby strikes again. After a group of his alleged rape victims slapped him with a lawsuit and filed a motion to garner records from a previous sexual assault case, Cosby’s legal team successfully (though temperarily) cut off their access to the files in court. These records could help incriminate him for his most current molestation charges. Read more at NBC New York.

Procrastinating, Are We? Rachel Dolezal Postpones Public Address For Allegedly Lying About Being Black 

I bet NAACP Washington State Chapter President Rachel Dolezal has been hiding under the covers ever since her story swept the Internet late last week about her possibly lying about being black. Dolezal was supposed to hold a chapter meeting today to discuss the issue but she cancelled last minute through email. Some are scratching their heads however because she may not have actually had the authoritative power to nix the event. Read the story of the Huffington Post.

Jaws, Anyone? Two Children Brutally Attacked By Sharks In Waist-Deep Water

Oh dear. You know the summer’s here when shark attacks start making it into the 10 ‘o’ clock news. The shark attack that’s currently got everybody staying in the car when chillin’ at the beach is one that happened yesterday in Oak Island, NC. In the attacks, a 12-year-old girl lost part of her arm and injured her leg, while a 16-year-old boy lost his entire arm just two miles away. I could cry just thinking about the pain they and their families are going through. Read the full report at the Washington Post.


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